Wednesday, 2 May 2012

when will it end?

after having my Myelogram on monday, the pains i have been experiencing since have not let up, they haven't even been getting any better. if this carries on i shall have to go to my GP. i have read that Myelograms can cause serious problems, problems that i simply cannot deal with right now. some of them are quite frightening, such as spinal meningitis. but im not going to get ahead of myself with this one. as hard as it is, im going to think positively.

i am currently split into 2 worlds. one is a fight with the NHS to get myself fixed and healthy (which to me, is priority), and the other joining a fight with other disabled people to fight against the government, the DWP, and ATOS against stripping innocent disabled people from their benefits and income, forcing them either into work, or into poverty.

i will not be voting for any party in the upcoming local elections, as all the parties seem to be as bad as the other, it would be like trying to pick the lesser of many evils. it seems all politicians want to punish the ill and reward scroungers who live their lives on job seekers allowance, not bothering to work and bleeding the country dry and preventing those who need the benefits to live. i thought it was just ATOS that needed to go, but now i realise the problem goes much deeper and higher up. they say shit flows down hill, well in this case, it flows back up, right to the top!

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