Monday, 7 May 2012

how bad can this get?

trying to be more active lately is taking its toll on my body. i am writing this, laying on the couch in agony. i feel like my spine need to click, like something is trapped. this is making all my muscles go into spasm. the pain down my legs is now worse than ever, and my legs have begun moving of their own accord.

vicky wants me to call a doctor, but i refused. i am sick of seeing doctors and medical professionals lately, and tired of being poked and prodded.

i am still waiting for a copy of my previous MRI and reports to come through the post. once i have these i will be contacting a hospital in Cyprus to see what they think, as i have heard good stories about them. i am growing less willing to let the NHS fix me. i will let them run all the tests they want to, just means more material to send to Cyprus.

as for my fight against ATOS, i am still waiting for a date about my DLA tribunal, and have still decided to give up with the ESA. there are only so many battles you can fight at one time. i am still waiting to hear back from Eric Ollerenshaw, my local MP, who said he was going to look into the matter of all my DWP disputes. i shall be sending him more correspondences soon if i have yet to hear from him, but again, i am not holding my breath!

for all those willing to join the fight against ATOS, whether you have had a bad experience personally, or just horrified about how they are treating this counties disabled people, then please join the facebook page

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