Tuesday, 15 May 2012

something new

as a person who suffers from a rather serious spinal problem, i am always looking out for new ways to try to relieve pain. then i heard through word-of-mouth of a new company who aims to help people with lumbar spinal problems by adjusting someone's  posture.  postureplast have kindly sent me a sample of their product for me to try. basically, its a large X shape plaster with a plastic strip inside. the aim is to make people adjust their posture into the 'safe zone'.

i have had mine on several hours, and all day, i can honestly say, i have been sitting correctly, with less pain, and when i alter my posture out of habit, the strut inside is there to remind me to re-adjust myself. it is comfortable to walk with, i have even been driving with it on today. and after having it on for just a few hours, i can already feel an improvement with the level of pain i am in.

for the first few minutes, it felt rather strange having something attached to my back, but after about an hour, i almost forgot it was there, up until i didn't sit correctly that is.

as someone who suffers from chronic pain in the lower back area, i can easily recommend postureplast to others in my situation, assuring that it is safe for all people to use. my only recommendation, is if you have a rather hairy lower back, i would consider trimming first, as the movement and pulling of the plaster can pull hairs, just like any other plaster!

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