Wednesday, 27 June 2012

tribunal hell

well i had my Disability Living Allowance tribunal this morning, and after going, and getting my nerves shaken to hell, they started asking questions. questions i answered well and honestly, but at the end of all this, i was turned down for DLA!

i am in a wheelchair, but they were going off the time of first appeal back in February. even back then i was using a crutch and walking very difficulty and painfully, but i guess in their eyes, not really being able to walk isn't classed as being disabled.

ive been screwed over by pretty much everyone recently, so why should today be any different?

so now i have requested a new claim pack to start the process off all over again!  if they turn me down this time, with me now being in a wheelchair and in severe pain, then i don't know what else i can do to get it.

the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Social Services have said that i was entitled to the higher rate mobility and low rate care, but when it comes to making a decision, i guess they don't agree with that. unfortunately no one from with the CAB or Social Services were available to represent me at the tribunal because i ticked the box on the form that i am available for cancellation hearings, big mistake! if you want someone to represent you at a tribunal, do not tick this box!!

so now my life of no money carries on until i hear something, which i believe to be criminally wrong to leave someone in the condition that i am in, and if it carries on, i will have to think about seeking legal help.

Friday, 15 June 2012

busy month

i have a busy month ahead this june. this coming monday i have an appointment with social services who are helping me with my DLA tribunal which is being held on the 27th of june. then on the 28th if june i am back at the CAB for what i can only assume to be help with my ESA appeal.

it feels good that there are people out there who are willing to help me in my fight against the DWP and ATOS,  though with the CAB, i use the term "help" lightly. in their opinion, i should get high mobility and medium to high care, when the result came through, i got nothing. so now using social services to help me with this one.

i am hoping with everything i have to hope with, that i get the result that i want, the result that i need. currently i have ZERO money coming in, and this makes me feel worthless, like a waste of space, a waste of resources. it kills me that i have to rely on benefits after years of constant work, work that i loved doing, and now im on the couch, day in, day out, trying everything i can to get myself out of the pain im in. but it doesnt help when i have to prove to the doctors that some of the medication i need, is what i need. Diazepam to them is an expensive drug, and under the government GP points system, they dont get paid for giving people drugs such as Diazepam, this leads me to believe that GPs only have money in mind, and not patient safety and wellbeing.

Monday, 4 June 2012

is it spreading?

after having neck pain for the last week, i went to the doctor a few days ago, and he suspects that at least one disc in my cervical spine might have gone the same way as 2 of my lumbar discs. it hurts when i move my head, making a grinding noise and causing me extreme headaches. plus the annoying but severe pains i get in my arms when i sneeze. he has booked me in with a physiotherapist in a couple of weeks to see if that will settle it down, although going off previous physio experiences, im not too optimistic.

so vicky has gone on a girls week away in wales, and she is having fun, which is good. so im having a week of rest, i feel like i have done too much lately, so a week off would be beneficial. i need to try and calm down, relax and not get stressed. my stomach has been hurting quite a bit over the last few days and i have barely eaten anything. i have had to stop taking my ulcer pills to try and eat but this has not changed anything, apart from giving me stomach pains.

it just seems lately i am losing count of the things that are going wrong, im amazed im not a quivering wreck sat in a corner, rocking back and forth!