Monday, 4 June 2012

is it spreading?

after having neck pain for the last week, i went to the doctor a few days ago, and he suspects that at least one disc in my cervical spine might have gone the same way as 2 of my lumbar discs. it hurts when i move my head, making a grinding noise and causing me extreme headaches. plus the annoying but severe pains i get in my arms when i sneeze. he has booked me in with a physiotherapist in a couple of weeks to see if that will settle it down, although going off previous physio experiences, im not too optimistic.

so vicky has gone on a girls week away in wales, and she is having fun, which is good. so im having a week of rest, i feel like i have done too much lately, so a week off would be beneficial. i need to try and calm down, relax and not get stressed. my stomach has been hurting quite a bit over the last few days and i have barely eaten anything. i have had to stop taking my ulcer pills to try and eat but this has not changed anything, apart from giving me stomach pains.

it just seems lately i am losing count of the things that are going wrong, im amazed im not a quivering wreck sat in a corner, rocking back and forth!

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