Saturday, 5 May 2012

same ol same ol

its another day of being couch bound. vicky is up in Edinburgh for a few hours with a builder looking at her mums house. i am trying to take everything i can to keep myself relaxed and "pain free", but that never happens anyway.

i went to the GP yesterday. told her what had been happening, did a quick exam on me to rule out any signs of infection from the Myelogram on monday, luckily, that seems all clear which is good as i really couldn't be doing with that at the moment.

this GP, a woman, the first female GP i've seen in a long time, talked alot of sense. she said that right now there is no stronger pain killers she can give me until the results of the EMG and Myelogram get sent to the neurosurgeon. she also showed me a letter from my neurosurgeon stating that there is likely to be nerve irritation or compression, even though he said to me he thought it would be unlikely. if its not nerves, then my legs have grown a separate brain all of their own!

the GP also said that Myelograms are usually done before surgery, which has given me a bit of hope. i don't want surgery, i don't like surgery, but if it fixes me, then i welcome it. i should hopefully be receiving a letter through the post in the next week or so with an appointment to see my neurosurgeon. this will be one the most important appointments in life, i just hope its the news i really need to hear. 

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