Monday, 20 February 2012

victory over the GP's

after losing a battle for the past few weeks to have Diazepam continually supplied to me, after they stopped my prescription, i went to see a different doctor, but took some paperwork from a professor of pain management at the BMI lancaster hospital, who said that i am on good medication such as Diazepam, the GP had no choice but to back down! this gave me a certain feel of satisfaction, not just that i got the pills i need, and should have supplied to me without question, but i also got what i actually wanted without a GP sticking their galactic noses in!

unfortunately, i have discovered something rather worrying about one of the doctors at my GP practice, LIES! i applies for DLA under the instruction of my adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau, so the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) sent out a form for my GP and the professor at the BMI to fill in. the professor gave a full and detailed explanation of what my condition is and any previous treatment i have received, unlike my GP who plainly stated that there was nothing wrong with me. it looked clearly to me, that he hadn't even bothered to look at my file as certain information was left out. he said that the MRI scans have shown "no structure" to my symtoms, even though the MRI results are freely available on his computer, just a click away. i am getting so very angry with all medical services, as they clearly have no clue what they doing. a blind monkey with a pin could do a better job.

we should be in a day and age where there in no such thing as "doctors opinions". the advancement of medical science should be able to clearly state what is wrong with the patient and what needs to be done to fix him/her. thats it. none of this faffing around with having many many scans, then waiting for 6 months for a follow up, then being told i will need more scans and injection that i don't need! are there any doctors and surgeons out there who know what they are doing, if so, please feel free to contact me so i can give you a congratulatory medal for DOING YOUR JOB!

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