Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the facts of my problem

the image above is the original MRI scan taken 3 years ago, things are a lot worse now than they were then. but even 3 years ago, an orthopaedic surgeon said that this was not right and i would need surgery in the near future. im no doctor or spinal expert, but just looking at this picture, even i can see that something is wrong. i will probably be having another MRI in the coming months and will try and get a picture of it to compare how things have progressed.

any spinal surgeon reading this blog and looking at this image, will see that i have "central protrusion of discs L4/L5 and L5/S1 with possible nerve damage (hence the sciatica and weakness in my left leg).

after doing extensive research into spinal problems such as mine, i have seen that when spinal discs empty themselves, or "rupture" of the fluid contained within them (nucleus pulposus). emptying the fluid into the spinal column, therefore, causing severe pain in the legs, feet or arms. pain in the legs is called by fluid on or around the sciatic nerve, commonly known as "sciatica".

sciatica can have several symptoms, such as burning or radiating pain through the buttocks and hips; severe shooting pain down the legs; burning pain in the feet or toes; weakness, tingly sensations or pins and needles in legs or feet. extreme cases have been know to cause partial paralysis. in my case, i have radiating pain in my buttocks and hip; severe shooting pains, often down my left leg, but occasionally down my right; occasional burning sensations in my feet; and severe weakness of my left leg, causing me to use a crutch, and quite often, a wheelchair.

there are many surgical options that are available for this scenario, these of which i will consult with my neurosurgeon in my forthcoming appointment, that is if he decides that surgery is the best way to go, but at this stage, i dont see any other option. if he says "no surgery", then i will be willing to pay privately and get it done as quickly as possible.

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