Tuesday, 14 February 2012

valentines day

Well, as valentines day draws to a close, i hope everyone had an amazing day. i have enjoyed my first valentines day with my beautiful, amazing girlfriend. i cant thank her enough for the help and love she gives me, but i do feel constantly guilty. i feel guilty because i cannot help her as much as i want to. it hurts me to see her running around after me. plus the day has been filled with fear, fear about the upcoming neurosurgery appointment. things go round and round in my head. "what if they can't fix me?" "what operation will they want to do?" "what if it goes wrong and i end up even worse?". currently my head is a mess with thoughts. but tonight is all about my partner, and all my troubles and woes are going to take a back seat, at least just for tonight.

i hope you all have had a brilliant day, and will have a fantastic and romantic evening with your loved ones.

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