Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day to Day

well, today has been very hard, and i haven't done that much to be honest. got up around 9am, went to ASDA, came home and had dinner. albeit now, when i go to places like ASDA, i have to use a wheelchair, and that scares me, as i haven't been out much on my feet, and if i can't get round a smooth floored supermarket, how am i going to manage when out on the rough pavements? so, it seems the time has come to get myself a wheelchair. i knew this day would come, i just didn't think it would be this soon. i have dreaded this day from the very moment i thought about it. but all i know is that i cannot carry on the way i am, i need some king of mobility help, and if a wheelchair makes my life 1% easier, then so be it.

i am crossing all my finger and toes, and praying to every god that people believe in, that this is only temporary, and that i will soon be back on my feet, though i don't raise my hopes too much, as i don't want them dashed if nothing comes of it. luckily, our car is an automatic, which means i am still able to drive. if the day comes where i cannot drive, i would go stir crazy as i love driving, even with the amount of idiots that their are on our streets these day, but that's another topic for another blog. hmm, a blog about idiot drivers, sounds like a plan....

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