Monday, 13 February 2012

GP's and drug costs

As i said in my previous post, money and what finances the GP practices receive are all based on what pills the doctors prescribe to their patients. an today i had it confirmed by one the better GP's that are in my local surgery. he told me that there was nothing i could say that would get Diazepam prescribed to me again. he started going on about money and costs of the drug. now this might just be me, but when someone goes to a doctor with an ailment, they want to know that they can get everything they need to get themselves on the road to recovery, or at least ease any pain they might be in. but it turns out that this simply is not the case. even though we pay national insurance at huge amounts these days, the NHS and GP practices, will not pay for drugs that many people need. in a way he felt sorry for me and wished me luck for an appointment with a neuro surgeon i have in march. at least he is a competent doctor, my actual GP told me last week to rub ibuprofen gel on the affected area and go for a massage....

now im no expert in this, but for someone who has central protrusion of two spinal discs, nerve damage and severe sciatica, putting pressure on the spine is not the best idea. i've even been told by one massager a couple of years ago that they would not touch me!  i wonder if some of these GP's get their medical licences out of a kinder egg! i think from now on i will only use GP's to repeat my prescriptions, well, the ones they can "afford" to give me anyway.

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