Friday, 17 February 2012

good day

well we have friends around this evening, playing games, having a few drinks and basically having a laugh. im having a good day generally, apart my trip to, yes, again, ASDA! this time to get some spare keys cut, an couldn't be bothered getting a wheelchair, so walked with my crutch as it wasn't far from the door. unfortunately, this damn near killed me. it seems now, that every day, i am able to walk less and less, and this is kinda frightening. i don't want to sound like i droll on and on about my problems, but this is a blog about my problems, and i use it to get it all of my chest.this helps me, as i can see things in context. and it helps to get it out of my mind so im not thinking about it as much.

the day of my appointment with the neurosurgeon grows ever closer, and me and my partner are still doing our homework on possible operations and procedures that could be done and which ones would be best. i know that this is a form of building up hopes, but this sort of thinking has to be done, as i don't want to be surprised when the time comes. i will probably need the time to mull over which procedure is best for me and my condition.

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