Sunday, 12 February 2012

DLA Cockup!!

After seeing a consultant at lancaster CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) who told me that i should be claiming disability living allowance, i she helped me fill in a claim form, which took a while, there was alot to write about. so, finally, the form was ready to be posted, this was before christmas, and only this week, i received a letter telling me that i had a medical appointment on the friday just gone. so, with help from my girlfriend, i struggled all the way up the steep slope to the medical examination room, i was knackered and hurting alot. these days it is so  hard to walk more than a few steps. so, i arrived at the door, to be greeted by a piece of scrappy paper blue tacked to the door saying that all appointments for today are cancelled and further appointment will be sent out in the post. i was so angry, i had come all that way, which to me, feels like 20 miles, for no reason. i rang them up an nearly shouted at them down the phone. they apologized profusely. i asked for a home appointment as i wasn't willing to make that journey again. i was told that a doctor would have to write to them to request a home visit, so i am at the doctors on monday to request this.

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