Monday, 30 April 2012

poked and prodded

i had a test this morning called an Myelogram. basically this test entails numbing the skin at the bottom of my back. then using a fluoroscope, the insert a small needle attached to a tube. the needle gets placed into the spinal canal. the dye is pumped through the tube into the spinal fluid. this is a very uncomfortable experience.

your legs start to go very heavy. you start getting very bad nerve pain in your back, buttocks and legs. its entertaining though to watch it all happen on a 70 inch plasma screen! the side effects i was told that could happen are; nerve pains, severe headaches and bleeding. 2 out of 3 of these i have. i haven't seen and blood as of yet. the headaches are rather bad, though don't seem to be getting any worse. the nerve pains are alot worse than what i usually experience. so for today at least, i am couch bound and full to the brim with painkillers. so im writing this feeling very high, which is a challenge in itself! i just hope all of this is worth it, i cant take much more poking and prodding.

i should be hearing back from my consultant neurologist in the next week or two, so hopefully he will see something that other useless doctors have failed to notice.  

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