Tuesday, 24 April 2012

afternoon of torture

i have just got back from a neurophysiological appointment at the royal preston hospital feeling a bit worse for wear! i had an EMG test (or an Electromyography test), which is basically electrocuting me and sticking needles in my leg muscles. parts of the test were so painful i started laughing, never done that before.

trying to get in the car, my leg felt a bit odd. kind of like a cramp in my ham string. getting out of the car again at home, it was even worse. now i guess im just going to have to keep it up the rest of the evening and hope it disappears by morning

the results of the test will now get sent of to my "so called" neurosurgeon for analysis and give me the results in due coarse.

meanwhile i await a letter through the post from walton neurological centre in liverpool, to which i referred to back in 2009. they told me that the mri's they looked at clearly showed the problem, along with the nerve problems, and that it would have to be fixed in the future. i have asked for this reports, along with the mri scan, so i can shove it down my neurosurgeon throat for ever doubting what i was trying to explain to him. this might sound a little harsh but someone has to bring these people down off their high pedestals.

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