Friday, 13 April 2012

friday 13th from hell

well the government has now decided to to steal what scrap of dignity i had left. after a medical examination was "performed" on my last month, the examiner, a health worker from ATOS, passed her report on to another member who has made a decision that not only will they stop my ESA benefit with immediate effect, but has said i had no limitations for working! now im no expert on disabilities, and i don't pretend to be one, but when someone has to use a wheelchair just to leave the house, is in constant chronic pain, and is on so much pain medication that just leaving the house is a chore because of the side effects, then i would class all that as "limitations". after spending a good hour on hold waiting to speak to someone at the DWP today, i gave up. im guessing the lines where so busy because many other people had been well and truly shafted by ATOS and the government. 

take a look at this link, it includes a brief interview description between Dame Anne Begg; a disabled Labour MP, and Lisa Coleman; ATOS's general manager for its DWP contracts.

and then there is this link from the Citizens Advice Bureau page from march 2010, which has found many people who shouldn't be working because of their illness or disability, being found "fit for work" by ATOS" 

so now, the government has taken away my ONLY source of income, and has forced me to search for work, when i know i cannot physically work, but what choice do i have?! i can put in appeal, which i will be doing, but im not holding my breath about that. but its good to know the people out there who are able to work and just plainly choose not too as they can't get off the lazy backsides, are nicely supported by the government.

so, ladies and gentlemen, please stand and raise your glasses to ATOS and the Conservative party. its nice to know that with them around and making decisions, the country is well and truly screwed, and my proverbial coffin has now got way too many nails in it.  

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