Wednesday, 25 April 2012

a little zapped

after yesterdays EMG test, my leg has been left a little worse for wear. walking is even harder today. i am  hoping that this is just a side effect and will go off in due coarse. but this post is mainly about ATOS healthcare and the vicious stories i have heard about them. i too know what it feels like to be at the wrath of this private company, hired by the government, to do "medical examinations" on benefit claimants. the truth of the matter is that 93% of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants, and 25% of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claimants will lose their benefits over the next year due to new legislations brought in by the government. which will push many ill and disabled people closer to the bread line, and even into poverty.

i have created a Facebook page, campaign against Atos open for anyone to join or just to vent their frustration at ATOS, and hopefully our voices will be heard. if we get enough people on board, more people will notice. their have been many people protesting about ATOS before, but their voices have not been widely heard, as before ATOS screwed me over, i had never heard of ATOS, nor problems with them. its time that everyone knew about this.

the government basis is a "peoples government", which means we have a say! if more people speak out, then changes will surely follow. i implore you to join this Facebook group, and my friends over on Twitter, atosstories to help with this cause, and end this miscarriage of justice, and stop the government punishing people for mistakes the MP's and the banks have made.  many thanks.

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