Sunday, 22 April 2012

breathing issues

for the second time now, i have collapsed to the floor in pain that i have never experienced before. all of my muscles in my back seize and go into spasm. my legs shoot with sciatic pain. the pain is so overwhelming that my stomach turns and i feel like i want to vomit. then my breathing starts.

my breaths get faster and faster to try and cope with the pain. after a few seconds of this, i realise that i am going into, what feels like shock. i start getting the worse pins and needles i have ever felt. these started in my fingers on both hands, and toes on both feet. after a few more seconds, which felt like an hour, these pins and needles started to spread up my arms and legs until i could barely move and lost the use of my left arm for over an hour. i realised that i had to control my breathing if i was going to get out of this. so i pin pointed a spot on the ceiling and stared at it. noticing my breathing, trying to slow it down, until the point came were i was barely breathing at all. just the very slightest of air going in, enough to keep my concious. after a short while on the floor, vicky helped me back on to the couch were i stayed for the rest of the evening, trying to exercise my left arm back into life

the next day i went to the doctors. the doctor explained in great detail, that i went into hypo ventilation, and when i start to panic because of the pain, my breathing increases, which in turn makes me fell even worse. its a vicious cycle that i have to stop before it starts. so now, i write this while being in alot of pain and trying to control my breathing. i do not want another repeat of that night ever again.

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