Monday, 6 August 2012

another MRI

i have just got back from yet another MRI scan, this time in Salfords Hope Hospital. i hate having MRI scans. im not claustrophobic, its trying to lay perfectly still on quite a hard bench for 20 minutes is not only very difficult but extremely painful. i just hope it was worth it, i hope that something comes out of it.

i was speaking to a nice man in the waiting room, who has a similar situation to me. he's had 2 spinal surgeries already, but his consultant i confidant that he will end up in a wheelchair. this does not bode well for me, as i already need to use a wheelchair.

he tell me that he gets DLA and ESA, but is having trouble with his coming up WCA, as well as previous ones. i filled him in on whats really going on behind the scenes of the government. the look of shock on his face was priceless. at least he now knows what to expect in the future with his ESA and DLA/PIP assessments.

the service i had at Hope hospital was miles better than that of Royal Preston hospital. the staff were really nice and chatty and would help with anything i needed, which is what i come to expect from a good hospital these days. friendly staff make hospitals that bit more bearable.

so now im trying to recover on the couch. ive taken all my meds, including diazepam, despite it not being the day im suppose to have them, but i don't have a choice. i just hope i can sleep tonight....

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