Monday, 27 August 2012

A Reply From ATOS!

After i sent an official complaint to the customer services department at ATOS, i have finally received a reply from them, after "only" a month of waiting for it. their response has not surprised me, with their lack of compassion, and also not admitting that they made a mistake!

Below are photographs i have taken of the response letter. please feel free to read the letter, while i consider whether or not it is even worth seeking legal advice against them.

Even though complaining to ATOS might seem trivial and a waste of time, i personally wish that as many people as possible in similar situations to me, would complain. i wish nothing more than to see the back of ATOS and their worthless Work Capability Assessments, and seeing as though the government is not listening, im planning on hounding ATOS! making life as difficult for them as possible until they get fed up and decide that fighting with us is pointless, and ultimately, LEAVE!!

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your support, whether it be retweeting my blog to others, or simply reading this, it is very much appreciated, and please feel free to follow my blog. i know that these times can be very hard, and know that you have my support too. we need to stick together to show these discriminatory idiots that we will not be treated like garbage any more!!


  1. Hi Kenny, Just found your blog. I have 3 bulging discs and severe hip pain and am attending a tribunal for DLA very soon. CAB are representing me, I have never been through this before, any tips for me? Thanks, Julie x

    1. make sure you memorise the statement that you signed on your application. is should be in your tribunal papers. dont be afraid to take any amount of paperwork in with you. write down before hand, any points you want to make, any changes that have happened etc. and take pen and paper with you to take notes of what has been discussed. i wish you luck with your tribunal. please keep me updated with what your results are. if theres anything else you need, please dont hesitate to message me


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