Tuesday, 11 September 2012


On August 9th i received some of of my medical noted back from the Department for Work and Pensions, only to find a Royal Mail rubber stamp on each individual one. at the time i didnt really pay much attention to them and just assumed that something innocent had happened, as the Royal Mail couldn't possibly be breaching basic codes of confidentiality right? WRONG! below is a link to an article by the Independent newspaper, i advise everyone to read it. this would explain why so much mail sent to the DWP goes missing!


I am outraged that the Royal Mail has been allowed to get away with this, but i do know that they cannot allowed to do it any more! i have written a strong letter on complaint to the Royal Mail and i suggest if you have ever had sensitive mail opened by them, to write to them too!

As for my ESA case, i was told only after i phone the DWP, that they had not changed their decision during a reconsideration, and will be going to tribunal. i am still waiting for appeal payment that i should have been getting since the beginning of May!

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