Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Lot To Tell

i apologise for not blogging sooner than this, but we have recently moved to house that is somewhat, in the middle of nowhere! this means for now we have no mobile signal coverage, no TV reception and until October 1st, no broadband, so right now im having to rely on a rather dodgy signal from a BT hotspot.

So whats new?? well, i have recently managed to extract half of the money out of the DWP that they owe me. i am going to have to ring them next week as they stated on the phone that they have not received my GP notes that cover the July-October period, which is rather strange as i sent it with the note that covers the May-July period! am i surprised by this? hardly.

I am, though, somewhat confused as to what they are doing, as they have sent loads of letters to me in the last week, back dated throughout the last 6 months, like the one i received only 3 days ago, saying that my GP that ends on July 16th, is about to expire!! taxpayers money well spent there! so i will be calling them probably monday, when we have our phone line installed, to see where those duh-brains at the DWP are up to with my claim, as another recent later states that my claim is going to be reopened!

As for my health, well, there have been further developments there. i am currently undergoing further physiotherapy on my upper spine. my physio thinks that at least one more disc, possibly two, have degenerated, as i am getting more and more pains from my shoulder blades up to the base of my skull, and down my arms.

On another health related matter, but not about my spine, my GP kindly informs me that ear drum has decided to rupture, and now i am pretty much deaf now in my left ear! as if i don't have enough on my plate!!

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