Wednesday, 3 October 2012

productive day

Due to several people contacting me about any information i might have regarding Motability cars, i have decided to start a new blog, linked to this one, with the aim of test driving, and reviewing Motability cars for the disabled. as i am physically disabled myself, i feel i am in a good position to give positive feedback about cars which i feel will appropriate to physically disabled people.

Although there are many kinds of physical disabilities, i will aim to address as many criteria as i possibly can.

I have had positive responses so far from Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Citroen of Blackpool, to which i look forward to working with in the near future.

I wish to help those people who are struggling to decide whether a Motability car is right for them, and to help them decide which car would be best suited to their needs.

On a more personal note, i am still undergoing further physio for my upper spine. my physio is very concerned about the nerve pains that i am getting down my arms and into my hands. she suspects at least one more disc has prolapsed. every day i can feel it getting that bit worse.

And with the fight against the DWP, i currently have no further news. i am still awaiting part back payment from May, to which i will be ringing them, again, on monday (if BT openreach decide to get round to installing a phone line for us, which they should have done on Monday!!)

I will keep you all updated about any further developments.

As always, many thanks for reading, and do pass my blog on to others.

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