Tuesday, 21 August 2012

spreading the word

after send my details and brief description of how i was treated by ATOS in my Work Capability Assessment to the Independent newspapere, they have been in touch, and are interested in publishing my story. i hope to use this opportunity to spread the word to people who are not affected by the ATOS and their dreaded WCA!

in hopes of spreading the word, i aim to make people see how the current government is hell bent of causing severe harm to the sock and disabled, just to save themselves a few quid!

in the current times we live in, i cannot believe such behaviour is allowed to pass, and pass unnoticed by the majority of the country. ignorance does, in this case, seem to be bliss.

the government are eager to save money, and i can understand this predicament, however, they are going about in all the wrong ways. i am no expert on financial politics, nor do i claim to be, however from personal experience, i can easily say that attacking the pockets of those must vulnerable in our society, is professionally and morally wrong.

on another note, i have sent yet another email to the customer services department at ATOS, after they have failed to contact me back, despite their assurances that their manager would be in touch personally. i am not holding my breath that my complaint to them will come to anything, but i just want them to know that i will not let this lie. once i get the bit between my teeth, i do not easily let go!

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