Thursday, 23 August 2012

DLA decision

after sending my second Disability Living Allowance application off only 2 weeks ago, this morning i received my decision letter. despite being in a wheelchair, in constant pain, and my ability to look after myself constantly diminishing, the "good folks" at the DWP have decided not to give me either the mobility or care component of the benefit.

according to the letter, the only point of reference that they used to make their decision, was my form and the ATOS medical assessment that was performed on me for Employment and Support Allowance!

i am furious that the DWP did not even consult my GP for updates on my physical condition. and i am also told that the criteria for DLA is very different to the criteria for ESA. i am therefore lodging a formal complaint against the DWP as well as applying for a reconsideration using medical evidence and not an illicit assessment performed for a completely different benefit.

if you, or anyone you know who has had a similar situation with the DWP, i urge you to question them, as what they are doing is not right, and must be stopped. they will try anything to stop you getting benefits, even if they know you should be getting them.

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  1. They are allowed to do this, but are supposed to use a lot more caution with it than they do - for precisely the reason that the criteria are very different. Even the bits that look similar are different. For example, DLA cares whether you can walk, with aids if needed, but only *walk*, while ESA cares whether you could mobilise with a manual wheelchair instead. It's also been known for them to use a report that a tribunal has effectively ruled as incorrect. Fights on those grounds have tended to be more successful, provided the underlying criteria are actually met for DLA.

    Sorry to hear that you have been affected by this problem. This is why we keep fighting - so that some day, people won't be affected by it.

    It is ridiculous - I don't see how any ESA report could ever show whether a person meets the 'cooking test' criteria, for instance, nor the LRM criteria. Plus they are often somewhat old, even setting aside how inaccurate they are.


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