Thursday, 26 July 2012

you cannot be serious...

after ringing the DWP to find out if i need a doctors note for my appeal, they inform me that they have not received my appeal and that my account has been closed! this comes only several days after i rang them to make sure that they had received it. this is now the second successive appeal that the DWP have conveniently lost. luckily for me, i sent it recorded delivery.

they were very shocked when i stated that i had sent it recorded and can prove it was delivered. so now im waiting for a phone call from a different department to sort this out. im also waiting for a call regarding the complaint i made against ATOS for the way my WCA (Work Capability Assessment) was handled and the fact that the assessor clearly lied about what was said and done in the examination.

on another note, i received a letter from the office of David Cameron today, regarding my situation of ATOS and leaving disabled people with no money. you can see this below.

as you can see his office was very quick to pass the buck on this subject. in fact i very much doubt the Prime Minister even saw my letter. and this was suppose to be a "peoples government". they're a joke, they really are. and i think the company who supplies 10 Downing Street with their paper thinks the same too, as you can see from the water mark in the letter that was sent to me below.

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