Sunday, 8 July 2012

feeling old

it my 28th birthday tomorrow, but i feel like im 82! i finally managed to get my GP to prescribe me the Diazepam i need to control my muscle spasms, this took me digging out a letter from a private pain specialist saying that Diazepam is a good drug for me to be on, and dropping a hint that im starting to sue medical professional who are not helping me. he explained that the reason GPs don't like giving out Diazepam is because people have abused them in the past, this maybe true, but i know the main reason is because the government does not pay GP surgeries when they prescribe such drugs as Diazepam. the only condition they gave me is that they will have to put me on a 6 to 12 month observation, which im happy with.

so, my birthday, what to do? what can i do? probably not a great deal. this is the worst i have been on a birthday, so my day will probably be the same as any other day. we might go for a carvery meal on wednesday in the lakes, my favourite carvery in the world, bloody beautiful.

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