Sunday, 1 July 2012

sleepless again

im writing this at 2am as i just cannot sleep, again. this is because of the amount of pain i have been in today, which my usual medication hasn't even touched it. and also down to sheer stress of both pain any money worries with fighting ATOS and the DWP.

this evening i have sent the CEO of ATOS a very formal and detailed email, explaining my situation, asking for assistance and saying if they don't help, i will be forced to seek legal council.

i feel both angry and upset with the way i have been treated by the government, so much so, that i have also recently sent another formal email to David Cameron. im not expecting a great deal to come out of this, but it is worth a go, and gives him a chance to prove himself to me, even though i will not be voting Conservatives at the next general election.

i will be having physio therapy on my upper spine, with suspicions that at least one more disc has decided to play up, causing alot of pain in between my shoulder blades, in my shoulders and down my arms. this new situation, along with money problems, is making me stressed beyond belief, hence the lack of sleeping.

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  1. You really need to write to Cameron, DWP and Atos as they tend not to respond to emails but snail mail will get a response


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