Wednesday, 25 July 2012

trying new meds

after consulting my GP about how Tramadol isn't having the same effect that it used to do, she recommended i tried maximum strength Codeine for a while. the problem with drugs like Tramadol is that you can build up a tolerance to them, so after a while they don't really work. so now im mixing Codeine with Tramadol, and after only a couple of doses, im already feeling an effect from them.

so i will be using Codeine and paracetamol until i start to build a tolerance to them, then its back on the Tramadol again.

as for my ESA situation, my appeal has been received, and i rang up and they said my payment would be backdated, i just need to ring them back and find out if i need a doctors note back dated to my last payment.

i have still yet to fill in my new DLA form. not looking forward to filling that in, it seems never ending. but needs must, so i will be doing that at some point this week, and get that sent off.

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