Thursday, 4 April 2013


I know, I know, i haven't blogged for a while. To be honest, i've been having a hard time lately with health and money stresses, but i feel i have to write today to vent some anger. As of now, the sick, disabled and the poor are going to be in a much worse situation than before. For starters, there's the Spare Room Subsidy, also known as the Bedroom Tax, which will hit tens of thousands of people in social housing, pushing them closer to the brink of poverty. Among these people are a great many sick and disabled people, who need a spare room carers to sleep, or their partner to stay if a bedroom cannot be shared.

Over the course of this year, and starting now in April, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is going to be gradually phased out, being replaced with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in a move to "reform disability benefits". We all know now that the use of the word "reform" basically means to cut, to take money away from those who need it, regardless of who gets hurt! It is estimated that some 500,000 will lose their disability benefits when PIP comes in, and around 200,000 of those will also lose their Motability car, a car they need to stay independent. Without this, they are stuck in their own homes.

I know some of you are thinking that all of this is needed, "we need to save money where ever possible". Yes, i agree, the government does need to start saving money, so what do they do? Vote to get a £31,000 pay rise, plus another £20,000 of expenses, plus a better pension! read here. Is it just me, or does this seem a bit wrong?? Last year, George (part time chancellor) Osbourne had his horse stable built, have a guess who paid for it... that's right, the tax payer. The government is cutting money from every crucial system, like the NHS, just so these money-grabbing MP's can lead a richer life.

I recently checked if there was anyone new in my Google+ circles, and was surprised to see that offices in all 3 major political parties had added me, so im guessing that they are reading this now. So i will take this opportunity to say "hello, thanks for reading, now how about stop thinking of how deep your pockets are, and run this country in the interest of the people, after all, the people are your boss, they pay your wages!"

This government is tearing the country apart. Scotland are already thinking of leaving, and the main reason why the minister for Scotland independence minister, Nicola Sturgeon, gave for the referendum? The Tories! Quite frankly, i don't blame her. If i could, i'd be pushing to get as far away from the money grabbing b**tards  as quickly as i possibly could!

You might not like what i have said in this blog, but like i say, it's a rant to vent some anger that needs to spill. If you agree with what i have said, then thank you for reading, and please comment with any thoughts you have.

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