Monday, 28 January 2013

Helping me help others

This is just a quick post which will be asking you to help me, so i, among others, can help those who really need it, so please be patient while i rattle on, it really is essential that we help as many people as possible and none of this can be done without your help.

First on the list is one that you may have already heard of. The WOW Petition. This petition is calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of all cuts and changes affecting sick & disabled people, their families and carers, and a free vote on repeal of the Welfare Reform Act. Basically, this petition is asking the government to look into how exactly the new Welfare Bill is affecting disabled people and those around them, this includes the ever increasing rate of suicides in this country. Please help us by signing the petition at

Secondly, related to WOW Petition, and something very few people have heard of, but when completed, will automatically launch itself, spreading awareness of the petition to over a quarter of a million people. This is called the WOW Thunderclap. All you have to do is go to and click on "support with Facebook/Twitter. Supporting on both will count as 2 claps, and we only need less than 30 claps with only 3 days left to get them.

Thirdly, again related to WOW Petition, on BBC1 tonight (Monday Jan 28) there is a Panorama program called "The Great Disability Scam?" which looks at how companies are getting rich by forcing disabled people into unpaid work. With this in mind, we invite you to join us on Twitter this Thursday (31st Jan) on #WOWhour to discuss the program, how it affects you and any advice that we can give and suggestions for the petition that can help us, among other things.

Last, but by no means least. DLA is soon to be replaced by PIP and this will mean that there are stricter criteria for people claiming the benefit and will this lead to over 160,000 disabled people losing their high rate of mobility, thus having their Motability car removed, leaving them house bound. With this in mind, i have started a car review site, reviewing cars based around those with mobility issues, for when these people decide to buy a car for themselves. Currently i am working with Toyota and Hyundai and will be working with other manufacturer as the year(s) go on. This is all well and good, reviewing brand new cars, but many of these people will not able to afford brand new cars. That is where you come in. If you have mobility issues and drive a car, i am asking for volunteers to review their own car for my site. Please feel free to take a look at the site If you are interested in reviewing you car for me, please email me at and i will let you know what kind of information i am looking for.

Many thanks for reading this blog post, it is very much appreciated and i hope you can help in any way you can. On a brief but slightly different note, i'd just like to wave hello at the several Governmental and Shadow Governmental departments who are following this blog. It really is nice to know that we are making you sweat under the collar. I can promise you, there will be more to come!

Many thanks again guys.

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