Monday, 7 January 2013

WOW Petition

As many of you are aware, and many of you also won't be, we are running an e-petition against the Welfare Reform, in particular, those against the sick and disabled. We are calling for Cumulative Impact Assessment on all cuts and changes that the Government has made that affect sick and disabled people, particularly the WCA (Work Capability Assessment) and the Governments contracts with french IT firm ATOS, who run the assessments.

We have already had an overwhelming response from the public about this, will currently over 12,000 signatures in a matter of weeks, but we need your help to sign and spread the word of this petition to as many people as you possibly can.

Since we have gone over the 10,000 signature threshold, the Government, in particular the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) has to comment and recognise the petition formally in the near future, by commenting on the petition itself, however, for this topic, and the petition to make it to the House of Commons, we need 100,000 signatures by this coming December.

On top of this blog post, i have posted a tab which will take you straight the WOW Petition homepage, where you can sign and use the Twitter and Facebook links to share it with your friends. But please, we also need you to post to people who you may not even know, but who your friends know. You can track our progress for the petition by visiting

So please, i ask you to help us. This will help a great many number of innocent and vulnerable people in our society. Where possible, could you please leave a quick comment on this blog, just so i know how many signatures peoples blogs are helping to get. Unfortunately, with the nature of this petition, it will only work for those who are residents of the UK.

I thank you all for signing and helping and i know that your efforts will not be in vein.

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