Friday, 28 December 2012

how much more?

Lately, i have been talking with a lot of people, and i can tell you now, that people really are starting to feel the effects of the Governments Welfare cuts. People are starting to panic about how they will be able to afford to buy essential things, such as food. And i can tell you now, that i am one of these people. The stress of the lack of money has always taken a back foot with me. It has always been topped by the stress of my health problems, no more so than lately, when, after a recent  visit to hospital, a physiotherapist and pain specialist, said that my symptoms of widespread chronic pain, among other symptoms, are identical to Fybromyalgia.

So now i have to cope with widespread chronic pain, as well as localised chronic pain from my lumbar spine disc problem, and my GP wants to talk to me about the possibility of Arthritis too. So this kind of stress is hard to beat, or even match, but now i have severe money worries. I try not to get stressed too much about things that are beyond my control, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

Sometimes you feel like a child at school, being picked on by the class bully, except you are not at school, and the class bullies are the people who are suppose to represent you and keep you safe. I long to see the day when David Cameron and his minions are held to account for their heinous crimes against humanity. I hope, for this country's sake, that the Conservative Government is voted out of power at the next election, and never to be voted back in again!

Something needs to be done though now about this Governments ideas of punishing the poor to satisfy the rich. And speaking of doing something, i urge all of you to sign the WOW petition to force the Government to look again at what they are doing with welfare. They need 100,000 signatures by next December and already have nearly 8000. Please help by signing and spreading the word about this petition. 

As for me, with the prospect of having Fybromyalgia, i have once again, sent off for a DLA claim pack. I will keep claiming, over and over again if i need to. My partner has said she will help me fill in the forms if needed. I will keep claiming, as many times as is needed, before they recognise that my claims are legit and essential to my well-being.

After a discussion with a DWP benefits adviser on why ESA assessments with ATOS (Work Capability Assessments) results are being used to determine whether or not someone should get DLA, the response i got was not wholly what i expected. Yes i got the "some parts of the WCA are relevant to the DLA decision making process" but when i asked "how can a WCA result made 6 months before a DLA application be relevent?" she couldn't really give me an answer! This to me is an admition of guilt that they really are not playing by the book, something most of us already know, but surely, this proves it, even to those who are skeptical?

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