Friday, 26 April 2013

Local Elections

Many areas of the UK will have a local election on the 2nd of May, to elect their new members of parliament. If played right, this could be the beginning of the end for our unelected and unwanted government.

I am not a huge Labour fan. The financial crisis happened on their watch, they went to war whenever oil was involved and they introduced our to country to the vile company that is Atos. However, i believe that we must take inspiration from a very unlikely source.

In World War 2, Churchill realised that he and the allies could not win the war on their own, they needed help. So he turned to someone that no one would have thought of, Stalin. Churchill chose the lesser of two evils to bring down the Nazis and that is what we must do now. Yes there are probably independent parties that are more up our street and would fight harder for the rights of the vulnerable. But with such few people willing to vote for them, i believe a vote there, would be a waste.

I have recently been talking to a Labour candidate in my area north Lancashire, Ben Whittingham. I asked his what his thoughts were on welfare reform, in particularly, disability benefits. He said "Beyond what you probably know I think... I'm anti-ATOS, pro-disability rights, and I'm deeply ashamed of IDS and the DWP". This is all i needed to know. This man is getting my vote on the 2nd.

I urge all people of this nation, who will be having a local election next week, to find out who your Labour candidate is, search for them on twitter or facebook, and ask them what they think of the welfare reform. I think you will be surprised by the answers you get.

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